Forms to Register

Registration Form
This form needs to be completed and submitted to BPS at time of registration.
Kindergarten Enrollment Waiver Request
This form is required for the parent waiver option.
Health Form
This form, with sections completed by a medical professional, needs to be submitted along with the registration form.
Kindergarten Registration Brochure


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Assistant Superintendent of Instructional
& Student Services
P: (734) 850-6025


Carol Olszewski Kendra Zink
P: (734) 850-6027 P: (734) 850-6028


Summer Registration for Fall 2016

Don't Delay! Register Today!
First Day of School: Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016
The last day to register a NEW student to begin on the 1st day of school is Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 3 pm.
If you register your child from Wed., Aug. 31, - Fri., Sept. 2, 2016 they will begin on Wed., Sept. 7, 2016.

Registration for new students (up to grade 5) for at our elementary schools: Douglas Road Elementary, 6875 Douglas Road (734-850-6700); Jackman Road Elementary, 8008 Jackman Road (734-850-6600); and Monroe Road Elementary, 7979 Monroe Road (734-850-6800).

New students in grades 6-8 can register at Bedford Junior High School, 8405 Jackman Rd
Temperance, MI 48182. Please call 734-850-6200 for more information.
Summer Hours for the office at Bedford Junior High School are 7:00 am - 3:00 pm.

New high school students (grades 9-12) can register at Bedford high School, 8285 Jackman Rd., Temperance, MI 48182. Please call 734-850-6100 for more information.
Beginning August 1st, office hours will be extended from 6:30 am - 3:00 pm.

You will need to complete the registration packet. Registration packets are available in the school offices or the Administration Building's Office of Instructional and Student Services at 1623 W. Sterns Road. Click here to download the forms. They include a checklist page of all materials needed for complete registration. 

The student's state certified birth certificate (photocopies are not accepted) and parent driver's license must be presented in person at the school office, or Office of Instruction and Student Services, along with the completed packet. 

Have questions? Call 734-850-6028.

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Kindergarten  Registration Information

The entry age for Kindergarten requires children to be 5 years old by:
September 1st of the enrollment school year.


According to Michigan Law, if a child residing in Bedford Public Schools is not five years of age on September 1, 2015 but will be five years of age not later than December 1, 2015, the parent or legal guardian of that child may enroll the child in kindergarten for the 2015­-2016 school year if the parent or legal guardian notifies the school district in writing not later than June 1, 2015, that he or she intends to enroll the child in kindergarten.

If a child becomes a resident of the Bedford Public Schools after June 1, the child's parent or legal guardian may enroll the child in kindergarten for that school year if the parent or legal guardian submits this written notification not later than August 1, 2015 under this subsection.  A school district that receives this written notification may make a recommendation to the parent or legal guardian as to whether the child is not ready to enroll in kindergarten due to the child's age or other factors. Regardless of the district recommendation, the parent or legal guardian retains the sole discretion to determine whether or not to enroll the child in kindergarten if the student is five years of age not later than December 1, 2015.
The State of Michigan requires that all Kindergarten students have their hearing & vision screened.
Monroe County Health Department provides FREE hearing and vision screenings. Call the Monroe County Health Department Hearing & Vision office at (734) 240-7855 to make an appointment at their office at 2353 S. Custer Road, Monroe, MI 48161.



General Registration Information

In order to register a student for membership in Bedford Public Schools, students must demonstrate residency in the District and meet the age requirements for attendance.

New Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1st of the enrollment school year. Other students must be less than 20 years of age on September 1st of the enrollment school year.

Parents must provide the following documents to register:

1) An official certified birth certificate with the raised county seal or security
watermark. Photo copies and hospital certificates are not accepted.

2) Immunization records from a health care provider.
(Immunization records must be up to date before the start of school)

3) Vision screening records for Kindergarten registrants.
(Vision screenings must be up to date before the start of school)

4) All parents must provide 3 ITEMS which provide proof of residency in Bedford Public Schools.

4a) All parents must provide a Michigan driver's license or a Michigan state ID with a current Bedford address.
4b) Proof of home ownership by deed, current tax statement, or closing documents; OR a lease/rental agreement with occupancy date and list of occupants.
4c) One piece of additional proof of residency.
IE: Current utility bill which includes gas, electric, and water, OR a homeowner's insurance policy. We do not accept a bill from a cell phone provider.

5) Proof of Family Relationship (if applicable)

5a) Current custody papers for students not residing with both biological parents.
5b) Legal guardianship papers if student is not residing with either biological parent.
Any exceptions to the requirements listed above shall be approved by the Office of Instructional and Student Services.


>Print all the required Forms for Registration

>Print the Registration Process
Students may be registered in the office of the school they will be attending. Bedford Junior High School and Bedford High School offices are open throughout the summer. During the summer months. Elementary school offices are closed during the summer months and registrations will be accepted in the Office of Instructional & Student Services at 1623. W. Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182.

If you are unsure which elementary school your child will be attending, or have any other questions about registration, please call the Office of Instruction & Student Services for assistance at 734-850-6028.